FF Talk - Too Many Announcements?


Now that we live in a post-FFXV world, Del Murder and I took the time to look back on some... interesting trends that SE has decided to follow in its game announcements.

We've all joked about "Please be excited" and announcing announcements of announcements, but where did it all start? And where is it going? Will XVI meet the same fate? Have a listen as we discuss what we think about all this - and feel free to join the discussion!


Two new FF7 Remake screenshots revealed.


Two new images for Final Fantasy 7 Remake have been revealed at MAGIC (Monaco Anime Game International Conferences) 2017.

At the event, Tetsuya Nomura explained that he has put a "lot of attention" into the combat system so that it will occur without interruption, and stated that the development team was having some issues with the grenades. Party members will

FFXV's story and narrative design are intentional, says Tabata


In the March 2017 issue of Game Informer, Final Fantasy XV's director Hajime Tabata discussed some of his team's development decisions. Specifically, he discusses the narrative direction as well as the linearity of the game's later chapters.

Several important events happen off-screen. What is the advantage of letting players