Episode: Prompto is a 3rd Person Stealth Game


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Why make every DLC for Final Fantasy XV the same, amirite? During Square Enix's Presents E3, they showed off some gameplay for the new DLC that is coming out June 27th, 2017 for Final Fantasy XV. This game features the character Prompto in his own scenario.

What is it about? You may ask, dear reader. Well, who knows really. It seems to be a stealthy-sneaky based type game with third person-shooting.

King's Knight - Wrath of the Dark Dragon, A XV Mobile game


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Because we always want more mobile games /s. Square Enix has announced a free mobile game that ties into Final Fantasy XV somehow called King's Knight - Wrath of the Dark Dragon. King's Knight was a game that actually predates Final Fantasy that was made by Hironobu Sakaguchi and Nobuo Uematsu. So this mobile